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Quick AVI Splitter 2.30

Trim large AVI file into smaller video clips
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The tool lets you split AVI video file into smaller pieces by setting start and end positions as well as extract selected segment of an AVI video to new AVI video file manually. Lets you preview the selected file with the built-in player. Also, it offers a video image capture function.

Quick AVI Splitter can split a large AVI video file into equal-size files. It can also extract a segment from an AVI video file.
Its interface is quite intuitive but unattractive. On the whole, it looks as an unsophisticated media player, except for the set of specific buttons below. The built-in player allows you to watch your video as you would normally do and there are Play, Pause and Stop buttons for this purpose. While playing the movie, you will be able to take snapshots of your favorite frames.
A special button displays a dialog box in which you can simply specify how many parts you want to split the file into. Then, the program will take care of creating equal-size parts. Most of the times, the important thing is not the number of resulting files but their size because you would probably need them to fit a given storage capacity. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to specify the size and let the tool decide how many parts are necessary.
Should you want to extract a specific segment from your movie, you can specify the start and end points. Fortunately, there are buttons to allow you to move a single frame forwards or backwards for a more accurate selection. However, there is no smart scene detection, a feature that could make navigation and selection much easier.
Only AVI is supported as output format, but you can use different codecs. You can also set a video frame rate and size. Equally, you can choose your favorite audio formats and channels.
In general, the main advantage of this application has to do with its being very light and easy to use. However, it is extremely limited in terms of supported formats. In addition, it does not feature any sophisticated editing function.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is light
  • It is easy to use


  • It supports a limited range of formats
  • It does not allow specifying a size for the segments
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